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University of Copenhagen, Denmark

University of Copenhagen is the largest university in Denmark with over 40,000 students and more than 9,000 employees conducting research in a broad variety of disciplines and dedicated to provide research and education at the highest international level.

The HEAT-SHIELD project coordinator professor Lars Nybo is employed at the department of nutrition and exercise sciences (NEXS – and working with integrative human physiology he has been focusing on the impacts of heat stress on human performance and hyperthermia-induced fatigue. Specific interest in central fatigue and how cerebral perturbations provoked by prolonged exercise in the heat may affect both physical and cognitive capacity.

In the HEAT-SHIELD project he will together with the management team (link to organization diagram/description) coordinate the overall project and specifically lead WP3 (link) and the development of cognitive tests to be used for exploring and evaluating the impact of heat stress, dehydration and acclimatization in young and aged workers. From the integrative physiological aspect the HEAT-SHILED project is of great scientific interest, but also the inter-sectorial collaboration and integration of the knowledge and expertise from the specialised public and private partners in the HEAT-SHIELD project is a large motivation for our work and involvement in this Horizon 2020 EU-project.


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