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Climate change impacts on working people

On 13/05/2016 at School of Exercise Science, Trikala, Greece, a Science Innovation Forum was conducted. Tord Kjellstrom (CETRI) made a presentation during a special session called "Climate Change and Heat Occupational Stress". 

A key feature of climate change will be increasing local heat exposures. Working people are at particular risk of negative health and productivity effects, because physical work creates internal heat inside the human body, which adds to the external heat stress. Heat exposure can cause a variety of ill health conditions and a reduced capacity to carry out productive work. The presentation reviewed the different effects and showed time trends of selected impacts depending on different climate change pathways. The approaches to prevention of such effects and the role of further research and analysis was also discussed. The results of this forum were highly positive and the attending members obtained a better understanding on the issue.

Watch full Tord's presentation here

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