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Athens Science Festival 2017 

MEDinArt  Exhibiton

March 29 - April 02 2017, Athens, Greece

This festival is one of the biggest celebrations of science and technology in Greece. Over a week’s time, every spring, students and other visitors take the opportunity to explore science in fun, innovative and interactive ways. At the same time researchers, teachers, distinguished scientists and artists give their best to communicate science and make it part of their audience’s everyday lives.

It was a great opportunity for the FAME Lab (UTH) to share their work and knowledge through an interactive art event that visualizes the changes in human body temperature using Thermal Imaging Technology. FAME lab team collected and exhibited a wide range of photos of human body temperature changes during several workplace environments. These pictures also show how human body temperature can be a form of art on its own.

Through this interactive and artist experience FAME Lab members had also the opportunity to promote the HEAT-SHIELD project with special attention to the problems experienced by millions of European workers during the summertime and aggravated during heat waves or occupational settings.

Man working as a turner. The spinning power of the wheel creates such a high temperature that is able not only to melt different materials but also to create an extremely hot environment for the workers.

People working in food industry. Heat exposure of people that work in diverse shifts but in the same working environments, can differ. Some people have to work right next to the fire source for their whole shift!

Man using protection mask while welding. Even protection devices though cannot prevent the severe results of heat exposure of the workers.

Man working behind a bar. Different kinds of jobs expose the workers to different amounts of heat. Even in jobs that someone would not expect, the effect of the heat is present.

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